National and International Charity

Established in 1980, The Freemasons’ Grand Charity has donated over £100 million to a range of charitable causes. It responds when natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and droughts occur anywhere in the world. The work of the Grand Charity continues a commitment to charitable support that began nearly 300 years ago in the earliest days of Freemasonry and all of the money has been raised from Freemasons and their families.
The charities supported by the Grand Charity are chosen because they aim to make a significant difference to people in need, provide maximum impact by benefiting as many people as possible. Since 1981 we have donated over £50 million to national charities. Grants are currently given in the areas of medical research, vulnerable people and youth opportunities and we have close ties with the UK’s Disasters Emergency Committee and the Red Cross.
Masonic charities also support hospices, the RNLI, and Air Ambulances all of which play a significant role in society but have suffered from a lack of funding in difficult economic conditions.
Whilst there are Masonic charities that cater specifically, but not exclusively, for Masons or their dependants, others make significant grants to local non-Masonic organisations.